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What You Need To Know About Swimming Pool Services

A reliable swimming pool services provider has a deep understanding of the chemical ratios needed to disinfect water. They also know about the different types of pool treatments, and when to apply them.

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Pool equipment includes more than just the basics: a skimmer net, chemicals, and brushes. There are also sophisticated pumps, remote monitoring devices, and lighting systems that make your pool a beautiful place to spend summer. And don’t forget about the water heater, which warms the water and extends your swim season.

A swimming pool service company needs to provide all the essentials to maintain its clients’ pools, but there are specialized tools and products for each type of work. For example, a pool technician will need to carry out regular inspections on the pool filter to ensure it’s working efficiently and the chemical levels are correct.

In addition to checking the pH balance and sanitizer levels of the pool, the technician will need to add chlorine and other chemicals as needed. The pool will also need to be sanitized with a chlorine tablet or floater. And if a pool is run on a salt chlorine generator, the salt cell will need to be filled.

Lastly, the pool’s water must be cleaned with a filtration system that can handle the volume of the pool. This can include a simple pool pump, a single-speed or variable-speed pump, or a high-capacity, sand or diatomaceous earth filter. In addition, a pool may have a manual vacuum pump, automatic suction cleaners, or a high-speed centrifugal filter.

The pool service tech will also need to inspect the cover and any accessories before the start of the swimming season, including ladders, diving boards, and handrails. It is a good idea to pour liquid aglaecide through the cover before the pool opens.

During the summer, pool maintenance services include preparing and opening pools for use; cleaning the tile and surfaces of the pool; cleaning and repairing the pool deck; and removing leaves from the water. At the end of the season, services will include closing and winterizing the pool, ensuring it is safe for storage, and making recommendations for new equipment as needed. In addition to these core services, the pool service company will need to stock up on supplies and prepare for the cold weather.


If your pool isn’t properly regulated with the right chemicals, it can foster bacteria that are dangerous to swimmers. In addition, overly acidic or alkaline water can damage metal equipment and irritate skin and eyes. A professional swimming pool service uses various types of chemicals to ensure your water is safe for swimming and chemistry levels are in balance.

The most important pool chemical is chlorine, which disinfects the water by killing bacteria and other microorganisms. This chemical can be added as chlorine tablets, liquid, or granules. Alternatively, calcium hypochlorite, which is also known as cal-hypo, is a fast-acting oxidizer that wipes out algae, bacteria, chloramines, and other contaminants while boosting chlorine levels. Both chlorine and cal-hypo are typically used as sanitizers.

Chlorine is a popular choice among pool owners because it kills unwanted organisms without affecting swimmers’ skin or eyes. However, it can be less effective during long periods when the pool is unused. For this reason, some pool owners prefer bromine as a sanitizer. Bromine is more stable at high temperatures and does not have a strong odor associated with chlorine.

Other common pool chemicals include pH balancers and clarifiers. The pH of your pool water should be between 7.2 and 7.8 to optimize the effectiveness of your pool’s sanitizer. A pool’s pH can be affected by rain, plant spores, and sunscreen. If your pool’s pH is too low, a pool acid such as muriatic acid or sodium bicarbonate can be used to bring it back up to the ideal range.

Most pools require a balancing agent to keep the level of alkaline and acidity in check. A pool balancing agent is typically made of limestone or dolomite and works by slowly adding or removing water from the pool to bring its pH into the desired range. Another important pool chemical is an algaecide, which is a type of surfactant that causes algae to clump together and make it easier for the filter to remove from the water. Some of these algaecides may contain cyanuric acid, which helps protect your pool’s chlorine levels.


When it comes to hiring pool service employees, you have to be able to distinguish between those who exude a positive professional attitude from those who don’t. A great way to tell is by observing the behavior of your candidates. If they exhibit a confident posture and can answer questions articulately, you’re on the right track.

In addition, your ideal employee should be reliable and punctual. This is especially important if they’re working in the field since many pool service providers have earned a bad reputation for being late or flaking out on client service calls. By staying on top of their schedules, they’ll help you get your pool back in shape sooner and avoid costly repairs down the road.

The swimming pool is a huge investment for any family, and you don’t want to trust it with just anyone. Unfortunately, dishonest repair technicians often use used parts to fix your pool. These parts may be cheap, but they don’t have a warranty. They may also come from another pool that was recently broken into, or they could have even been stolen!

A good Pool Service should also make a point to keep their business up-to-date on the latest technology. This is essential for keeping up with the industry’s ever-changing trends and maintaining customer satisfaction. This includes using the right chemicals in your pool, as well as keeping up with the latest tech to protect swimmers’ health and safety.

Pool services are a seasonal industry, and it’s important to find ways to reward your technicians for their loyalty. This will not only help to ensure that they’re happy at your company, but it will also keep them from getting poached by other competitors.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by offering competitive compensation, including raises and bonuses. This will help to attract and retain talented employees, which is a key factor in your pool’s success. Additionally, it’s also important to maintain a healthy cash flow in your pool business. This will allow you to plan finances better, appear more favorable to lenders, and seize growth opportunities.


There are a variety of factors that affect the price of swimming pool services. These include the type of pool, the location, and what kind of maintenance is required. For example, inground pools require more maintenance than above-ground ones because they are larger. In addition, the pool type also impacts the cost because different materials require different upkeep. Fiberglass pools are the most affordable, while concrete and vinyl pools are more expensive.

Another factor is the size of the pool because it will determine how many chemicals and supplies are needed to maintain it. A small pool requires fewer chemicals and less water than a large one. Also, a larger pool will use more electricity to operate the pump and heater. In addition, it will need to be cleaned more often because it is more likely to attract dirt and debris.

The shape of the pool also impacts the maintenance costs, because some shapes are more difficult to clean than others. Rectangular pools are the most common for inground pools, while above-ground ones are usually circular.

Other factors that can increase the price of swimming pool services include the cost of chemicals, repairs, and cleaning equipment. For example, it can cost $50 to $300 to repair a pool pump motor, and a cracked pool beam can run up to $700 to fix. Pools also need to be filled regularly, and this can cost up to $10 per gallon depending on the size of the pool.

If you decide to hire a pool service company, shop around and read reviews online. Ask about the price range for weekly, monthly, and annual cleaning plans and what kinds of extra services are included in those packages. You may also be able to get a discount for signing an annual contract.

The price of swimming pool services can also vary by season because some areas experience harsher weather than others and need a higher level of maintenance to keep the water clean. During winter, it is important to close the pool and lower the water levels to prevent freezing and cracking. You will also need to drain and clean the pool and reinstall plugs, lights, ladders, handrails, and other accessories. In the spring, you will need to bring the water level up and open the pool.